Delicious diy pumpkin pie everyone can learn

In winter, you can make a delicious and healthy pumpkin pie at home to warm the winter. The pumpkin pie shared today is simple and easy to make, delicious and delicious, and kids will love it.

Ingredients: 350g pumpkin 300g glutinous rice flour 30 grams of white sugar

1.Remove the skin of the pumpkin, cut into pieces, wash and steam.

2.Press the steamed pumpkin into puree with a spoon.

3.Slowly add glutinous rice flour, knead the dough while adding it, and knead it until it does not touch your hands.

4.Take out a small piece of dough, knead it into a round shape, and then flatten it.

5.Heat oil in a pan and fry on low fire. Fry on the other side every two minutes.

The homemade golden pumpkin pie is ready. This is a must-have food for me in the morning. I hope you can learn it too.

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